Jan 2022

HIDDEN WATER LEAKS THAT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ISSUESWater pipes that cause leakage can lead to a lot of damage and can ruin the entire look of your house. If you think about what a small drip can do, you need to be aware because a small drip can soon turn into a large one. If not repaired on time, even the littlest crack or leak can transform into a huge one and can prove to be a nightmare for you. One of the reasons behind water pipe leakages is that sometimes your house is not designed to withstand moist conditions. There might be only a few places in your house like the bathroom and kitchen that might be designed and constructed in a way to handle even excess moisture. If any area of your house remains constantly moist, it can damage the finishes and the structural material. Pipe leaks can also prove to be dangerous for your health due to the growth of mold and bacteria. The only way to limit and stop the damage caused by leakages is to switch to Stainless Steel pipe fittings. Rhinox is an American Innovation Company that is known for manufacturing stainless steel pipe fittings. The steel pipe fittings are known for providing you with an experience of hassle-free plumbing. The Stainless steel pipe fittings help in enhancing the overall security of the pipe connections and hence, offer leak-proof plumbing.


Every time when you open the tap either to drink water or wash your hands, you might see clean and pure water coming out but in case of water pipe leakages, this might not be the case. In case of leaks, dirt and other unknown and unwanted contaminants might enter your pipeline, thereby affecting the quality of the water. Consuming contaminated water can be very harmful to your health. Risking your health is never worth anything. The best solution is to say goodbye to the traditional system of plastic and PVC plumbing and switch to stainless steel plumbing. The ultimate solution is to use stainless steel pipe fittings for your home’s plumbing.


There are many homes that might be contaminated by toxic black mold. In such cases, the residents, as well as pets, suffer from a lot of health issues like nausea, headaches, breathing issues, and a lot more. It is important to prevent all the underlying issues that give rise to massive amounts of black mold.

Understand The Important Signs of Pipe Leaks

There are some signs that you need to look for that are causing water pipe leakages: · A smell that is musty in nature · Stains on ceilings as well as walls · Puddles · Moist areas If you witness any of the above indications, it’s time that you do something about it. You might need an entire pipe replacement. In case you are constructing a new home, it’s highly recommended to choose stainless steel plumbing. Stainless steel pipe fittings can prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.

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